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Children and Glasses

I quote from these two sources as to why a child should never be made to wear glasses or contact lenses:

“While it is true that eyeglasses bring some people improved vision and relief from pain and discomfort, they always do more or less harm, and at their best they never improve your vision to normal. After you begin to wear glasses, in most cases, the correction has to be steadily increased in order to maintain the degree of visual acuity secured by the aid of the first pair. Your vision wearing glasses progressively decreases with time. It really is tragic when children are condemned to a lifetime of having to wear glasses because of all age groups they are the ones that best respond to natural eye improvement strategies.”
~ Dr. Mercola’s Vision Program (based on Bates Method)

The photo below is an important page from the Relearning to See eyesight book.

It contains an excerpt from Dr. Thomas H. David, who writes:

“To put on glasses when one has developed a strain may give temporary relief, however, if incorrect habits of using the eyes are not overcome, the wearer returns to the eye specialist for an increase in the lens.”

Click on the thumbnail to view the full text:


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Comfortable Reading

Last night I managed to do a pencil drawing without wearing my glasses.

I think I was unaware of the fact until the drawing was halfway done (I had to bend a bit closer towards the table, but without much strain).

I can read without glasses too (THANK GOD)…now I’m going to aim 100% to be able to work at a computer without glasses. I’m not wearing glasses now while typing this though my close-range vision with a computer screen is not super sharp yet…I will keep going until I get that done, lol :)

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Next Goal: -4.00

This is a great page on natural vision improvement (excluding the part about the Bates Method, because the Bates Method is not about eye exercises):

It’s taken me a LONNNNNG while (due to various factors/stressors, including “forgetting” about good eye habits), though I tried on my -5.00 glasses today and I’m finally able to see clearly into the distance with them.

My next goal is to get down to -4.00 glasses (after which, yes, I’m going to go for “perfect vision”). In 2009 I did keep to a rather severe schedule where I worked on the computer for a very limited amount of time daily. I didn’t wear glasses for the rest of the day with that schedule. My eyesight did improve within a relatively short time frame (then I experienced a couple of stressful events and bam, there went my vision improvement).

I’ll do my best to stay committed to getting it down to -4.00 this time (that was my first “major goal” from original prescription of -7.25, followed by the next “major goal” to get it down to perfect vision).

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Update: 6 September 2012

I had really bad acne during the past year (I have the proof and before/after photos here on jessINK). I also slipped back into some of my old bad habits and sort of forgot about improving my eyesight naturally (there were a host of other things I was getting stressed about!).

Fortunately, two friends recently (on separate occasions) said something about eyesight, which prompted me to kick-start my efforts with improving eyesight naturally. I’m still hovering at -4.50 maybe, for long distances (my eyesight’s better in bright sunlight). As I wrote in my first post here and the ‘about’ page, I’m still pretty determined to get my prescription down to -4.00 at a minimum.

I’m back to using slightly lower-powered glasses for computer work, and remembering to take breaks when using the computer / not using glasses around the house and that kind of thing. I kind of feel happier / more relaxed in general when I remember to do these little things and keep working on re-integrating healthy eyesight habits into my daily life :)

I hope to be able to update this blog with a post or two next year with good news (that I’ve managed to drop my prescription down to -4.00, from -7.25 originally). My eyesight’s pretty sharp at -5.00 right now (I use the -5.00 for driving), though I might have to spend a wee little bit of time allowing the eyes to focus (if I’m looking at really small text from a certain distance, for instance).

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