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I’ll blog a few posts here on improving one’s eyesight naturally. The first blog post has some info on “how I got started,” while the about page has more info on this blog and myself.

I update my other websites more often. This blog is like a short log of my progress (to help/inspire others to try it — and stick with it — too).

* UPDATE (2014): Continuing to get my eyes used to doing close range work without strain (I’m shaking off years and years of “bad eyesight habits”).

* * *

SHORT LOG (as of 26 March 2014):

– Highest Prescription (myopia, 2006), -7.25 (both eyes)

– Managed to get it down to -6.00 (both eyes), 2008

– Plateaued at -5.50 (both eyes), 2009-2012

– -5.00 (long distance); -3.00 for computer (depending on screen distance; seated comfortably without physical or visual strain); -2.00 for reading, 2013

– -4.00 (long distance); -2.50 for computer; no glasses for reading, March 2014 (current goals)


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