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LASIK Surgeons Wearing Glasses

One of the reasons I am very skeptical of LASIK surgery is because of the number of LASIK surgeons who wear glasses.

If we don’t have our sense of sight, we literally can’t see. Is LASIK surgery “riskier” for LASIK surgeons than it is for regular people? Isn’t one’s sense of sight something precious for every human being?

My LASIK page is not extensive at the moment, though it has some links to images of LASIK surgeons who wear glasses.


“A LASIK surgery expert and a Professor of Ophthalmology at the Cullen Eye Institute of the Baylor College of Medicine.”

Question: If LASIK is a great solution, why are LASIK surgeons still wearing glasses?!?!?

LASIK Complications is a comprehensive website on the risks and long-term issues of LASIK surgery gone wrong.

If you’re thinking of going for LASIK surgery, don’t read up about the risks after you’ve done the surgery when it’s too late. It’s an irreversible procedure and eyesight deteriorating after the surgery is not an uncommon occurrence. Do you really want to gamble with your eyesight and cut your corneas for what is “marketed” as a quick fix “solution”?

Some LASIK surgeons recommend not to do both eyes at once because of “the risks” involved. LASIK surgeons don’t consider dry eyes and night vision problems as “complications,” even though they may be debilitating and permanent. So a blind eye or eye that doesn’t function as well is considered “too bad” because it’s “a risk” you’re supposed to take? I’ll stick to the Bates Method, thanks.

These Top 10 Reasons as to why a person should not have LASIK surgery done should be more than enough to steer anyone away from this option.

LASIK permanently weakens the cornea — the thinner, weaker post-LASIK cornea is more susceptible to progressing to a condition known as keratectasia and corneal failure, requiring corneal transplant later on (ugh!).

Safer alternatives to LASIK exist. There is no sound medical reason to risk vision loss from unnecessary surgery.


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