Update: 18 September 2012

18 Sep

I’ve begun to notice that my eyes get more strained the more I wear glasses (for both close-range computer work and far distance). I might be able to see “clearly” while the glasses are on, but it’s not exactly “improving the eyesight naturally.”

Whereas if I’m without the glasses, the eyes are a lot more relaxed (while keeping in mind the three principles of natural vision).

So depending on the distance, I’m actually finding it a lot more comfortable to just use the computer without glasses. The text is a little blurry though it’s quite manageable when I work at the computer for short amounts of time.

It is important to me to be able to do close-range work comfortably, since when I write or type “intensively” I am either at the computer or doing close-range work for quite a few hours cumulatively.

However I do realise some of my past bad habits when using the computer, so at least I’m aware of the changes that need to be made now :)

The possibility of doing close-range work comfortably / without glasses / without any kind of strain is very exciting! It’s something I hope to realise by the end of the year.

P.S. Also, when my close-range vision is comfortable/relaxed, the long distance is clearer and more comfortable/relaxed too. And it’s the reverse when relying on glasses. So, onward with the progress (it seems slow to me, but I am kind of shaking off 20+ years of bad eyesight habits, lol).

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