Update: 6 September 2012

06 Sep

I had really bad acne during the past year (I have the proof and before/after photos here on jessINK). I also slipped back into some of my old bad habits and sort of forgot about improving my eyesight naturally (there were a host of other things I was getting stressed about!).

Fortunately, two friends recently (on separate occasions) said something about eyesight, which prompted me to kick-start my efforts with improving eyesight naturally. I’m still hovering at -4.50 maybe, for long distances (my eyesight’s better in bright sunlight). As I wrote in my first post here and the ‘about’ page, I’m still pretty determined to get my prescription down to -4.00 at a minimum.

I’m back to using slightly lower-powered glasses for computer work, and remembering to take breaks when using the computer / not using glasses around the house and that kind of thing. I kind of feel happier / more relaxed in general when I remember to do these little things and keep working on re-integrating healthy eyesight habits into my daily life :)

I hope to be able to update this blog with a post or two next year with good news (that I’ve managed to drop my prescription down to -4.00, from -7.25 originally). My eyesight’s pretty sharp at -5.00 right now (I use the -5.00 for driving), though I might have to spend a wee little bit of time allowing the eyes to focus (if I’m looking at really small text from a certain distance, for instance).

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