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Why Glasses Are Bad

From an email (friend in the UK with myopia of about -5.00):

The thing I realised about four years ago is that glasses don’t really solve the problem of looking at different depths and distances. Your eyes are forced to adjust to using the maximum strength lens at all distances.That’s why I started wearing weaker glasses most of the day. Besides being more comfortable, I thought it might slow down the rate of deterioration  But, thinking about it, if eyes can adjust by getting worse, why not adjust by getting better?

I noticed this when I was around 16 years old too — that the higher-powered glasses weren’t exactly making my eyesight better (in fact, they were making my eyesight worse).

As my eyes became used to the higher-powered prescription for far distance, the higher-powered lenses were too strong for close range. I didn’t have weaker lenses at the time for close range work (and I couldn’t see further than a couple of inches in front of my face without glasses). So it just got steadily worse until mid-2008 when I sought a way to improve my (deteriorating) eyesight by natural means.

This is an important page from the Relearning to See eyesight book.

It contains an excerpt from Why Glasses Are Bad for Children and Young People, by Joseph Kennebeck, a practicing optometrist for more than 50 years.

Click on the thumbnail to view the text:



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Update: 18 September 2012

I’ve begun to notice that my eyes get more strained the more I wear glasses (for both close-range computer work and far distance). I might be able to see “clearly” while the glasses are on, but it’s not exactly “improving the eyesight naturally.”

Whereas if I’m without the glasses, the eyes are a lot more relaxed (while keeping in mind the three principles of natural vision).

So depending on the distance, I’m actually finding it a lot more comfortable to just use the computer without glasses. The text is a little blurry though it’s quite manageable when I work at the computer for short amounts of time.

It is important to me to be able to do close-range work comfortably, since when I write or type “intensively” I am either at the computer or doing close-range work for quite a few hours cumulatively.

However I do realise some of my past bad habits when using the computer, so at least I’m aware of the changes that need to be made now :)

The possibility of doing close-range work comfortably / without glasses / without any kind of strain is very exciting! It’s something I hope to realise by the end of the year.

P.S. Also, when my close-range vision is comfortable/relaxed, the long distance is clearer and more comfortable/relaxed too. And it’s the reverse when relying on glasses. So, onward with the progress (it seems slow to me, but I am kind of shaking off 20+ years of bad eyesight habits, lol).

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Update: 13 September 2012


— Highest Prescription (myopia, 2006), -7.25 (both eyes)

— Managed to get it down to -6.00 (both eyes), 2008

— Plateaued at -5.00 (both eyes), 2009-2011

— Close to -4.00 (both eyes); using -2.00 for computer; no glasses for reading / writing, Sept 2012

* * *


I drastically cut down my computer usage over the past few days (and am not doing close-range work at “a hundred percent” either, until I’m able to do so without straining my eyes).

From these few days, I realise that I hardly blinked or moved my eyes (even small movements) whenever I was using the computer. I tend to have this habit while watching TV too (and I don’t watch *that* much television).

When I was sixteen (my prescription was around -5.75 or -6.00 then, maybe), I noticed that my eyes felt more relaxed whenever I took off my glasses. It was kind of impossible to go without glasses though (that was my O-Levels year as a student in Singapore). Now that I have the chance to “relearn good eyesight habits,” I’m doing all that I can to ensure my progress continues to go smoothly :)

My -4.00 powered lenses are very strong now for close-range work (it’s almost sharp when I’m outdoors and there’s bright sun / indoors it gets a bit fuzzy with further distances). My eyesight has always been sharper in the sunlight (noticed this from long time ago). I hope to improve my “night vision” too as I continue re-integrating the good eyesight habits into daily life/activities until they become subconscious.

Right now I blink more and my eyes / head moves a little bit more when I’m using the computer. The three “principles” of good eyesight habits are (1) movement, (2) centralisation (instead of diffusing and “trying to see everything at once,” which strains the eyes, and (3) mental relaxation (the most important and I think the hardest principle to establish, depending on one’s daily lifestyle).

Looking back from my first pair of glasses at 7.5 years old (and -0.75 prescription), all the way till around 19 or 20 years old (with my highest prescription of around -7.25), I suppose my internal levels of “stress” correlates with the higher-powered lenses (stronger prescription – more stressed = more strain = going back to the optician for another new pair of glasses). I’ve not visited an optician since 2006 (I got all my lower prescription glasses from I have always been an ambitious person, so I intend for my next trip to the optician to be a visit where I can prove to myself that I no longer need to rely on glasses to see things.

I always hated going for those eye tests, by the way. I used to really dread it and would panic whenever I needed to get it done annually when I was a student.

I grew up in Singapore and I remember crying all the way home when I was fitted with my first pair of glasses. I was just really distressed about it at 7.5 years old and didn’t wear them for about a year, after which the prescription went up to something like -1.50 and I had to wear them permanently from then on.

The opticians over there tend to deliberately make your eyesight worse (good for business), which is why I mostly loathe opticians nowadays (lol). In 2008 I noticed my eyesight beginning to deteriorate again, and I was kinda desperate not to get them higher than -7.25, which is how I found the Relearning to See book that I mentioned in the first post here.

It is heartening to know that the author of that book had an original prescription of -8.00 (oh my!). In one of the chapters, I read that he broke out in a skin rash on the left side of his body as he was improving his eyesight naturally (part of the healing crisis associated with homeopathy / the ‘natural method’ of doing things so that the body heals itself naturally).

I had a weird skin rash in the past week, and I took a few pictures.

healing crisis rash

— This first pic is the rash when it was very itchy (a few days ago / night time).

hand rash

— This second picture was taken today (the spots are smaller and darker / beginning to calm down and fade away, I think).

I had some weird things happen while treating my acne naturally, so I’m getting used to the way it goes with natural methods :)

I’ve been having vision-oriented dreams too (and occasional dreams where I don’t wear my glasses, or panic when I leave my glasses somewhere behind in the dream, lol).

Able to use -2.00 glasses for computer work, and no glasses for reading / close-range writing (for short amounts of time).

Will keep up the progress. I don’t mind glasses at all as an accessory, but I hate having to rely on them so heavily for daily work and to just bloody hell SEE properly.

The first time I heard about the Bates Method was when I was around 16 years old. My interest/curiosity was piqued. If other people could find success with it, perhaps I could too.

I’m more determined to one day have perfect vision without glasses (like when I was a very young kid), than to lose to the opticians who would have me (and people like me, in terms of eyesight) enslaved to their glasses / contact lenses all in the name of business. I know not *all* opticians are this way (some do support natural eyesight methods/classes), but the vast majority of opticians I personally experienced fall into the “$$$ first” category.

Relearning and maintaining good eyesight habits is far more important and sensible to me than being enslaved to the bad habits of unscrupulous opticians.

P.S. During my last two visits to an optician, some astigmatism thing was added to my lenses. I removed those immediately when I ordered my lower powered glasses online, and have had no problems with “astigmatism” since (I never believed I had that problem).


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Update: 6 September 2012

I had really bad acne during the past year (I have the proof and before/after photos here on jessINK). I also slipped back into some of my old bad habits and sort of forgot about improving my eyesight naturally (there were a host of other things I was getting stressed about!).

Fortunately, two friends recently (on separate occasions) said something about eyesight, which prompted me to kick-start my efforts with improving eyesight naturally. I’m still hovering at -4.50 maybe, for long distances (my eyesight’s better in bright sunlight). As I wrote in my first post here and the ‘about’ page, I’m still pretty determined to get my prescription down to -4.00 at a minimum.

I’m back to using slightly lower-powered glasses for computer work, and remembering to take breaks when using the computer / not using glasses around the house and that kind of thing. I kind of feel happier / more relaxed in general when I remember to do these little things and keep working on re-integrating healthy eyesight habits into my daily life :)

I hope to be able to update this blog with a post or two next year with good news (that I’ve managed to drop my prescription down to -4.00, from -7.25 originally). My eyesight’s pretty sharp at -5.00 right now (I use the -5.00 for driving), though I might have to spend a wee little bit of time allowing the eyes to focus (if I’m looking at really small text from a certain distance, for instance).

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